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First day of summer the right time for Maiden Rock Summerfest

Persons enjoying the shade on a warm first day of summer during Maiden Rock Summerfest.2 / 6
The MRACA table in Maiden Rock Park.3 / 6
Ellsworth Fire Association vehicles parked in Maiden Rock Park after the parade.4 / 6
A Lund Fire Department truck is also parked in Maiden Rock Park after the parade.5 / 6
The Maiden Rock Rockets 4-H Club foodstand in Maiden Rock park.6 / 6

MAIDEN ROCK - It was perfect timing to have the first day of summer be the same as Maiden Rock's annual Summerfest this year.

The event began late morning Saturday. The parade was held in the early afternoon followed by fireworks at dusk. Live music, food and children's games took place in the park throughout the day.

It was also a beautiful day to have Summerfest for the bikers, campers, visitors, politicans and boaters who came to Maiden Rock Saturday to partake in the festivities alongside Maiden Rock residents.