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Letter: Time for paradigm more closely fitting founders' vision, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Those in power really "get it" when it comes to distracting us and taking advantage of our folly to build their power.

They create divisions in the citizenry to increase governmental control. I find no profit in the Republican vs. Democrat or Left vs. Right arguments and believe our founders would have scoffed at it also. Pledging our allegiance to either platform places us on shifting ground at a time we need firm footing for the benefit of us all.

If we maintain this horizontal paradigm of Left vs. Right, we are playing right into the hands of those in power because they are all about power. Ask yourself, "Who has the power, the people or the federal government?" Wasn't the Constitution about "We the People..." placing a limit of powers on the federal government, and providing a secure and solid foundation for the citizen?

In recent administrations, Republican as well as Democrat, we have witnessed just the opposite. Without a government, there is anarchy, but we are now accelerating in the opposite direction and losing our liberty. We are getting closer to the bondage of a tyrannical government.

That is what originally motivated me to start writing my opinions here. Isn't it about time to consider a different paradigm, one that isn't so divisive, and may even fit more closely to the founders' vision?

Vertically speaking, the Christian sees God as the ultimate authority above man and nature. He has set both law and liberty in place. God's law for man is revealed in word, while the laws for nature are being revealed through empirical evidence, by science.

God gave the power to the individual and the founders respected that. It is time to go back to the Constitution and the founding principles that allowed this country to prosper.