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Supreme Court refuses to hear case, UW-Madison Catholic group can still receive student funding

A Catholic student group at UW-Madison will continue to get student fee revenues for its religious activities. That's after the U.S. Supreme Court refused yesterday to consider a rejection of that funding.

The case involved the Badger Catholic group on the UW-Madison campus, which asked for over a quarter-million-dollars in student fee revenues in 2007. The university rejected $35,000 of that funding which was budgeted for worship activities. The UW said it didn't want to illegally endorse religion. But the student group called it a violation of its First Amendment rights, and it filed suit.

A federal appeals court in Chicago ruled last September that the university was required to fund the activities. And the Supreme Court said no yesterday to hearing an appeal from the UW. The university said it was looking for more complete guidance on what's allowed for student funding, and it was disappointed in the Supreme Court's refusal to hear the case. The Badger Catholic group called it a victory for all faith-based campus groups.