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Mission calls come in triplicate for Hager City family

Justin, Lacie and Caleb Wilson pose for their father at the Red Wing Depot. The siblings will soon embark on separate church missions. They'll reunite in November 2015. Submitted photo by Matt Wilson

By Bonnie Vanecek

HAGER CITY -- It’s not unusual for a Mormon family to have a child on an 18-month or two-year mission somewhere in the world. What is rare is to have three children leave on missions within four months of each other.

Matt and Laura Wilson of Hager City, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), are preparing for major changes in their family of six.

Justin, 22, leaves Nov. 6 for the Mexico City Missionary Training Center to prepare for the Florida Fort Lauderdale Spanish-speaking Mission.

Lacie, 20, flew to Utah in July to begin training for an 18-month mission to the Brazil Curitiba South Mission. She completed her training and has since been reassigned to Georgia as she waits for her Visa to head to Brazil.

Caleb, 18, arrived in the Ukraine last week as he was called to the Ukraine Donetsk Mission. Like his older brother, he will serve two years. 

Lacie decided to serve a mission when she was a young girl. Desiring to emulate the personality traits she noticed in female missionaries, she said she is excited to meet the people and get to know the language and culture. Her boyfriend, Davis Peterson, left in June for a two-year church mission. After her mission, Lacie plans to return to Brigham Young University-Provo and study family studies--marriage and family therapy.

Caleb has had the goal of serving a mission all of his life.

“It’s my own choice,” he said. “I’m not being forced or pressured. I want to share the good news of the Gospel.” His long-range goal is to attend college at BYU-Provo, enrolling in the pre-medical program, while working as a flight instructor.

Justin said, “The best way I can make a difference in the world is to serve a mission, helping others come to Christ.” He’ll start his mission in the newly-opened Mexico City Missionary Training Center.  Following his mission, Justin plans to focus on college at BYU-Idaho and a career in computer technology.

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