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Old Cowbelle: Breath of Fresh Air!

What a relief it is, in the mailbox and the telephone, and TV, not to have all the political stuff in our faces every day.

I really enjoy the television programs "leading up to Christmas." The Hallmark Channel features so many movies that have a spiritual aspect. I think they are geared to old ladies, like me, who have the time to watch them.

Most of them seem to emphasize the values of simplicity and compassion for others over the "rich and famous who need so much of everything." Kind of "down home" values. I suppose many of them are kind of sentimental, but I like sentimental.

I don't suppose men-folk would like these kinds of programs, where the characters are forever examining their feelings to solve emotional problems. But then I don't know about most men, I only know of the ones I was close to (husband, brothers, father and grandfathers) who would rather just skip over anything emotional.

But we can learn from some of these that communicating with others, really "talking over" problems, can often avoid conflicts before they begin.


And now on to Christmas! After the turkey and dressing and pumpkin pies and everything else is history, some of us old folks are kind of surprised to find ourselves still here, and looking forward to another Advent season and Christmas.

Out come the familiar old doo-dads, carrying with them memories of Christmases past. But hey, I'm not going there!

Our Christmases of today are wonderful! Most of the kids, grandkids and great grandkids are together (again, at Sandy's) Candlelight service at Our Savior's, fun and hilarious give-exchange, and of course, grazing goodies all through the day. I love it all!


I offer one of several Christmas poems from my book. Maybe I will include one each week until Christmas. Hope you like them.


I bring the Christmas "trappings" out,

as I have done each year.

These things recall a Christmas past...

but I don't shed one tear!

Instead, I hear the laughter

of the kids when they were small

I feel the joy of Christmas,

and the meaning of it all!

It's not about the gifts we give,

or the food we feast upon.

It's the Day our Savior came to earth;

Jesus, God's own Son!

He left His glorious mansions

to suffer in our stead.

To die a cruel and painful death,

with thorns upon His head.

And then He rose, as we will rise

our Heavenly mansions "won"!

He gives this Gift to you and me.