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Old Cowbelle; Two Angels

I am sharing a poem that I wrote for a grandmother in Oklahoma (formerly from this area) Carol Southard, but first you have to know the story behind it.

Twenty years ago, her granddaughter, little six-year-old Jonni, was hit by a car and died. I sent her grandmother a sympathy card, and we have corresponded, sporadically, ever since.

A relative sends her my Cow columns, and she told me that she likes my poetry. So I sent her a copy of my book, "Laugh a Little, Cry a Little."

A while before Christmas, she wrote to tell me that she later had lost another grandchild, a seven-year-old boy named Ryan (lovingly nicknamed Ry-Guy), son of Christopher and Heather Tyler, who was handicapped and could not walk or run. To comfort the siblings, Grandma told them that "At last Ry-Guy could run, and that he ran all the way to Heaven."

Carol wrote and thanked me for the book, and in her letter, she asked me if I would ever write a poem in memory of these two precious grandchildren.

I was honored and humbled by the request. I sat right down by the computer, and asked God, "If you think I can do this, will you please provide me with the words?"

Together, this is what we came up with. If you like it, give credit to the Lord.


Two small angels living in Heaven,

one was six and one was seven.

Jonni has been there for twenty years,

and Ryan has joined her; now

dry your tears!

The story of Ry-Guy will make

you smile;

and stop your tears for a little while.

Ry-Guy had legs that couldn't run,

he always missed out on a lot of fun.

So when it was time, and Jonni knew

she said to Jesus "It's time for you

to bring him home to be with us."

And Ry-Guy was happy and

made no fuss.

Instead he smiled and stood up tall,

he ran and ran and didn't fall!

Over the hills and into the sun,

he ran and ran 'til the day was done.

He ran over trees, and cities

and farms;

Right into Heaven, and Jesus' arms!

Now these two angels are happy

and free,

And waiting to welcome you and me!