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State gives money to Minong to help Jack Link's expand

MINONG - The snack company that's famous for its "Messin' with Sasquatch" commercials is about to get bigger. The state has given $356,000 to the Village of Minong, to help pay for road and sewer improvements for an expansion of Jack Link's Snacks.

A federally-funded block grant will help extend a road in Minong for the project, upgrade the village's wastewater plant, and re-furbish a lift station. The amenities will serve a seven-thousand square foot expansion of Jack Link's beef snack factory, plus a new 67-hundred square foot warehouse.

Officials say the project will add 70 jobs to a plant that now has around 300 employees. State Senate Democrat Bob Jauch of Poplar, in whose district the plant is located, says he's glad the state is putting some of its money to work in Minong -- and shows the role that public money can play in improving the economy.