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Old Cowbelle: Fair time again

For the next few days, the women of Our Savior's will be up before the birds, mixing, rolling and filling pie shells with a variety of things, cherries, apples, blueberries, raspberries, maybe strawberry/rhubarb, and of course pecan. Yum.

I've missed out on all of this for several years, so I am not sure what kinds are being made. But I know they will be delicious. By now, the soup will be made and stored in huge glass jars, the sloppy joes simmered, patties made and onions chopped (tears shed).

So many changes have been made over the years. Way back in the olden days, before the regulations were put in place to use an inspected, approved area, we would bake our pies and doughnuts at home in our own kitchens. I can still see Carole and I, trudging across the fairgrounds from a remote parking space, carrying our purses, our aprons with a hair net safely tucked into the pocket, and our two pies, to the church stand to begin our shift. It was fun serving the people who came to our wide windows. Each shift seemed to bring a different group of diners. Often, we would see people that we hadn't seen since the last fair.

The Pierce County Fair grounds are nicer than most, having so many tall trees to offer shade during the hot August days. It was always fun to sit at one of the tables during break time and enjoy coffee and a slice of pie ala mode. And to watch people! I wonder if they still have church services, either at the grandstand or the gazebo?

Before I left for the day, I would always take time to look at the 4-H projects and the open class photography exhibits. A lot of talent displayed there. Around it all, children by the dozen, dashing here and there, some running to and from the barns to take care of their 4-H animals. All the while, the music from the midway mingles with the clash and whirling of the rides.

The annual Pierce County Fair. Enjoy!

* * * * *

Please join those of us who are praying for Amelia in Arizona, who will be having her baby soon; Carole, Ruth, Hannelore, Bud and Lowell, who recently had heart surgery; to restore their health, and patience to endure! God Bless you all!

* * * * *