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Plum City sponsors food drive for kids

PLUM CITY--The Village of Plum City is sponsoring a food drive now through Friday, Aug. 31, for the new Weekend Backpack Program.

This is a program designed to feed children who do not have reliable access to food on non-school days. For 21 percent of children, school breakfast and lunch are the only meals they can count on.

Although special dietary needs cannot be accommodated, attention is given to ensure the meals have nutritional value, are easy to prepare and can be carried home in a backpack provided by the program.

Suggested food items are: cereal, peanut butter, canned tuna or chicken, mac and cheese mix, rice/noodle side dishes, chicken ramen, dried fruits, granola bars, fruit cups, graham crackers and single serving items, such as soup and ravioli, easy opening containers.

This is a collaborative effort on the part of the Plum City School District, Plum City Food Pantry, Ono United Methodist Church, and United Way of Goodhue and Wabasha (Minn.) and Pierce County.