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Letter: Voters against health care added to crisis, he says


The recent bailout of financial institutions is an expensive boondoggle that will fail to correct the root problems of the American economic problems.

A Harvard study in 2005 established that over half of all bankruptcies can be traced to medical costs. Many of these people were homeowners that lost their houses due to these bills. Medical bankruptcies affect all aspects of the American economy as people that could have afforded to buy and maintain homes are forced to sell, contributing to lower housing values and excess stock in houses for sale.

The neglect of millions of Americans health care needs has caused economic crisis at the top. Unfortunately the solution proposed by President Bush and supported by others fails to correct any root cause. The Bush plan instead involves a massive give away of tax dollars to those whose greed and efforts to remove protections for consumers (another way of saying deregulation) have caused the problem that hurts many more today. Who could have ever guessed?

It is time to stop blowing our tax dollars with giveaways to those that caused our current crisis and instead start investing in the American people and our economy. We have great opportunity to improve America and our economy. The way to do this is through restoring the strength of our economy and its base, the American people. Investments that make sure no American has to declare bankruptcy due to medical bills are a great place to start.

This November, I will remember who has voted against health care for citizens in America and Wisconsin. I encourage people to look at the records of our state and national leaders in regards to these matters, and remember that people who voted against health care contributed to creating our current economic crisis.

Ben Plunkett

River Falls