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Cancer diagnosis spurs a desire to help

Lisa and Grace Witt

Like many women before her, Lisa Witt went in for her routine mammogram in August. A biopsy came back positive for cancer in the right breast. That's where her story departs a bit from many.

"It was very early stage but I got a lot of opinions and did a lot of research in the two months between diagnosis and surgery," said Witt, who opted for a double mastectomy. "I have two young children and I did not want to have to go through this again if it came back." After surgery, her oncologist confirmed for her that it was the right decision.

"Either way it is a personal choice," said Witt, who was 41 when she was diagnosed. "After I was diagnosed, you get kind of down. For me I was bringing everybody down. You need to figure out what's going to motivate you." She fell back on an activity she loves, running. Witt signed up to run a half marathon two days before surgery.

"The whole process made me think about how difficult it must be for parents whose children are diagnosed with cancer," said Witt, who after researching different programs found the one she wanted to support. It was at Minneapolis Children's Hospital and it provides items such as art kits for children who are inpatients.

"Having young kids it made me realize the importance doing something positive," said Witt, who started to solicit friends and family. She also made a pledge her company, WittFitt, would match whatever pledges she earned.

On Oct. 22 she ran the race. On Oct. 24 she had surgery and on Nov. 30 she and Grace donated just over $3,000 to Minneapolis Children's Hospital.

"It was important for me to have Grace involved," said Witt. "Grace was with me during the race and she went with me to present the check. The second thing was for her to see really how lucky she is."

Lisa founded WittFitt in 2004. In 2005 she and her husband Chad moved to Hudson. Today, Witt Fitt, LLC has clients in all 50 states. She works with schools and teachers to move students onto stability balls and away from chairs. For more information about her company, go to