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Flu deaths now top 60 in Minnesota

ST. PAUL -- Sixty people have died from the flu in Minnesota since the start of the influenza season in October.

During the second week of January, 33 people died from influenza-related complications. Health Department spokeswoman Kris Ehresmann says the pattern reflects a typical flu season -- the elderly are hit the hardest. She says 88 percent of the deaths have occurred in people 65 and older, and when we look at the hospitalizations, 64 percent of the hospitalizations have occurred in people 65 and older. Ehresmann says it's very important that anyone who has contact with people age 65 and older be vaccinated to lessen chances of spreading the flu to them.

During the latest reporting week, 476 people were hospitalized with the flu. And 46 nursing homes and 92 schools reported outbreaks.