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Six-year-old Wausau area girl who met Lady Gaga dies

A Wausau area girl with an incurable heart condition has died, the day after she turned six on Memorial Day. Kayleigh Gurzynski of Rib Mountain had Turner's syndrome and a rare heart defect known as "Hypo-plastic Left Heart syndrome." Officials at Milwaukee Children's Hospital said Kayleigh lived longer than any of its previous patients with the same diagnosis. Earlier this year, Kayleigh had a dream-come-true when she met Lady Gaga. The two chatted on the eve of Valentine's Day in Chicago. Tony Waitekus of W-I-F-C Radio in Wausau pulled some strings at the request of the girl's family - and Gaga agreed to see her, even though the rock music star could barely walk herself. She had canceled a show in Chicago after developing a hip injury and extreme joint inflammation. Kayleigh Gurzynski died just before two yesterday morning.