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Nearing diamond anniversary, Kopps in gem of a marriage

PLUM CITY --- Life's been good to Max and Vivian Kopp.

The Kopps, ages 91 and 89, respectively, are almost inseparable as residents of the Plum City Care Center. Even with dilated pupils from the eye exams the couple had there last week, they watched out for each other.

When a visitor entered their room, Mrs. Kopp had already returned from her exam, but her husband hadn't come back from his. He arrived later and some of their conversation resembled what might occur during a reunion following a long separation.

"He always looks good that way," she said, responding to the visitor's observance about her spouse's fit appearance, once he transferred from a walker and settled into a recliner chair.

"What did you say?" her mate asked.

"I said, 'it's nice weather out today'," was her reply in the interest of his modesty.

After he was reminded they've been married for 70 years, he didn't dispute the observation over his fine fitness, either.

"I'm good for 70 more!" he exclaimed.

The veteran farmer and his wife haven't slowed down since moving to the nursing home a year ago December. From her wheelchair, Mrs. Kopp said they play kickball, participate in bingo and even go out to entertain with a group of bell ringers.

"You have to ring that bell right when they point at you," she indicated.

For their 70th wedding anniversary on June 21, they hosted around 40 people at an open house in the home's dining room. Friends joined members of their family, which includes daughter Sharon (Ranalls), husband Jack and their two girls from St. Paul; daughter Diane (Johnson), husband Brian and their boy and girl from Grange Hall; and son Scott and wife Sandi, also from Grange Hall. They also had a son Douglas, who died at a young age, but first gave them two more grandsons. They have nine great-grandchildren as well.

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