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Trumpeter trial set for Aug. 11-15

During a pretrial hearing held Friday, former members of the Pierce County Land Management Committee were dismissed from Trumpeter Development's lawsuit against the county.

Corporation Counsel Brad Lawrence said the county and the committee are the only remaining defendants.

A 12-person jury trial is scheduled for Monday through Friday, Aug. 11-15, in Ellsworth. Trempealeau County Judge John Damon will officiate.

Trumpeter litigation has continued since February 1999, when the Land Management Committee denied approval of 13 certified survey maps that would have allowed Trumpeter to develop the last 41 of 125 residential lots.

The committee had approved earlier maps, but balked at approving the final lots, insisting Trumpeter set aside land for a public park rather than paying a per-lot park fee as the developer had in the past.

Trumpeter is an 817-acre development on a bluff bordering the Mississippi and Big rivers.

These are the people dismissed from the case last week: Rita Kozak, River Falls; Bill Schroeder, Hager City; LeRoy Peterson, River Falls; Rich Ruemmele, Prescott; Dan Pittman, Prescott; George Petaja (deceased), Beldenville; Merlin Blaisdell, Ellsworth; and Jeff Holst, Hager City.