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Missing tubers found along Kinnickinnic

Two tubers who had gone missing on the Kinnickinnic River Monday evening were found by Pierce County authorities Tuesday morning.

Vanessa Moore, 18, Amery, and Suzanne Reiter, 24, River Falls, were part of a group of five people who left River Falls on inner tubes on the river at around 5 p.m., heading to a take-out location near Pierce County F near the Kinnickinnic State Park, a distance of approximately 5 to 6 miles.

According to a report from the Pierce County Sheriff's Department, the group became separated with three of the tubers making it to the take out spot at around 10:30 p.m.

Authorities were notified and Pierce County deputies began a search, but rough terrain, darkness and limited access to areas hampered efforts.

A daytime search was conducted by the Prescott and River Falls fire and ambulance services along with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department and River Falls Police Department.

The pair where found uninjured at around 7 a.m., about one mile east of Pierce County F. According to Pierce County authorities, the two had stayed along the river through the night.

Pierce County officials said that the search was aided by several private citizens who provided access and knowledge of the search area.