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Milwaukee police unions endorse McCain over Obama's ACORN ties

The McCain campaign continues to press the Obama campaign on the issue of alleged vote fraud and two Milwaukee police unions have endorsed McCain for President, in part they say because of Obama's past ties to the voter registration group ACORN.

Milwaukee Police Association President John Balcerzak says some registration efforts are controversial.

"Recently we've had 50 people referred to the District Attorney's Office for voter fraud charges. These are regarding ACORN and the amount of money that's being spent by ACORN."

A voter fraud task force in Milwaukee has just charged a third person with a felony: a man who allegedly registered voters for a group called the Community Voters Project.

But former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry is brushing off concerns about vote fraud. While promoting absentee voting in Milwaukee on Tuesday Kerry said election officials will prosecute violators.

"But ... you know, in America ... we only have 60 percent of the people come out to vote for the Presidential election, that's just not acceptable. So the more you can push this kind of early voting awareness and make it easy for people then the bigger the participation in our country."

Kerry made several other stops in Wisconsin in support of Senator Obama.