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Ellsworth Board, Sept. 8, 2008


 BOARD PROCEEDINGS                             9/8/2008

Pres. DeWolfe called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room located in Village Hall.

Members Present:  Trustees Dick Hines; Curt Wandmacher; Rick Sweig; Neil Gulbranson and Kenny Manfred. Absent Pres. David Deiss

Staff Present: Clerk; Peggy Nelson, Police Chief; Greg Place

Others Present:  Pierce County Herald; Sean Scallon, Karen Meyer, Kristia Melstrom, Dr. Krisan Shaw, Jay McGrath, Derrick Construction; Chad Derrick, Cedar Corp.; Wendy Sander


MSC Manfred/Sweig to accept minutes of regular meeting 8/4/08 as submitted.  Unanimous. 


MSC Sweig/Gulbranson to approve payment of vouchers submitted for audit to date.  Unanimous. 

#16122-16152, 16178-16180, 16206-16289

General fund - $ 98,696.50                          

Water fund - 9,064.25                        

Sewer fund - 24,435.93

CDBG - 288.75

Public comment on non-agenda items: 


2009 Visitor Guide ad:

MS Gulbranson/Sweig to do a full page ad at a cost of $444.00.  Discussion held, Pres. DeWolfe reported that the monies are budgeted.  Trustee Wandmacher stated he did not see the benefit and felt that these monies should be applied toward the shortfall in the police budget.  Trustee Gulbranson stated he felt that it would look bad for the village to not be in the Ellsworth Book.  Motion carried with Wandmacher opposed.

Wendy Sander; Cedar Corp. - Comprehensive Plan (Smart Growth Law):

Wendy addressed the board presenting a Comprehensive Planning Law Fact sheet handout which outlined the compliance date of Jan. 1, 2010 to have a plan in place and requirements for such a plan.  Grant money is available but almost impossible for one municipality to get, noting that the County is working with the townships to get their plan in place.  If a plan is not in place, zoning, official mapping, CSM approval, subdivision regulations cannot be enforced, it opens the village up for issues and lawsuits, these actions must be consistent with the community's comprehensive plan as of that date.  The plan contains 9 various chapters, the board would need to sit down with the Plan Commission each month going thru each chapter, reviewing and working it out, including citizen involvement and also looking at ETZ in conjunction with this, it is a total look at the community as a whole.  Wendy recommended the plan be reviewed each year for minor updating, including monies in each year's budget.  Estimated cost to get a plan in place is $25,000 - $30,000 which they would spread out over a 2 year budget period.  The time period to get a plan in place is 18 months which includes public hearings along with ordinance and plan adoption.  Discussion held with Wendy to contact the County to see if they would be willing to work with the village, help obtain the required data and mapping and report back to the board.   

Public Hearing to adopt Resolution #2008-3 for sidewalk construction on N. Grant St. (West side from W. Hollywood St. to W. Cairns St.):

Jay McGrath, property owner on the east side addressed the board stating he disagrees with the need for sidewalk in that area, noting that there is not much foot traffic on that street.  Trustee Sweig informed him that the committee felt it would get people off the street, with the street narrower in that area creating parking issues and it meets up with the blacktop sidewalk in the Highlands, which is all part of the Safe Routes To School Grant plan, to connect sidewalk from the north side of town to the south side to the school.  Jay questioned why this was not part of the plan and why he has to pay for the sidewalk here and property owners where sidewalk is being installed as part of the plan will not have to pay for it, feeling this is not fair, he is not in favor.  Discussion held along with discussion on the Safe Routes To School Plan with Wendy from Cedar Corp. informing the board that they will need to re-do cost estimates due to the work not being done until 2009 with cost increases since 2007, village may end up cutting back some of the work unless more funding is available from the D.O.T. due to the delay in receiving the funds.

MSC Gulbranson/Sweig to adopt Resolution #2008-3. Unanimous.     

Award sidewalk quote:

MSC Wandmacher/Hines to accept low quote from MB & Boys in the amount of $13,250.00.  Unanimous.


Plan Commission:

8/18/08 Trustee Rick Sweig    

MSC Sweig/Wandmacher to approve CSM of Don Kreye, Town of Trimbelle.  Unanimous.

MSC Sweig/Manfred to approve CSM of Krisan Shaw, Shaw Family Dentistry, 501 W. Lucas Lane. Unanimous.

MSC Sweig/Gulbranson to approve the site plan of Krisan Shaw, Shaw Family Dentistry, 501 W. Lucas Lane.  Unanimous.

MSC Sweig/Manfred to approve the architectural design plan of Krisan Shaw, Shaw Family Dentistry, 501 W. Lucas Lane.  Unanimous.

Street & Sidewalk:

8/13/08 Trustee Neil Gulbranson

MSC Gulbranson/Manfred to approve blacktopping in the amount of $179,117.  Unanimous. MSC Gulbranson/ Manfred to approve cost sharing, to not exceed $20,000, for blacktopping of English Lutheran Church commuter parking lot.  Unanimous.

Trustee Rick Sweig informed the board that the committee looked at parking issues on Highpoint Drive, noting improvements being made on school property, seeing that there is a sidewalk, the committee felt that there is no problem at this time.

No action taken on N. Grant Street parking issues.  PWD Greg Engeset to meet with Ellsworth Township Chairperson Barry Foy to discuss future planning of Ridge Road reconstruction with the Pierce County Highway Dept. working on cost estimates for a future meeting.

Salary & Labor:

Chairperson Neil Gulbranson reported that an arbitration hearing was held on August 11th with the Police Union informing the board that whether the village wins or looses, the union did agree to go to a Health Savings Account Plan for 2009, which is a big step in getting all employees on the same plan.

Library Board:

8/25/08 Board Rep. Curt Wandmacher - August 1-12 circulation 4,958, 14 new cards issued, Teen Summer Reading Program had 25 participants, Library will have wireless internet by October, hired Cindy Orr as part-time Library Asst., IFLS payment for 2009 will go down from $4927 to $4713, new furniture to be purchased for young adult area, IFLS is selling self checkout machines for $2400, original cost $3200, payment can be over a 2 yr. period with a maintenance cost of $144 a yr., resignation of Janet Helmer, part-time hours will be restructured for all positions to 26-28 hrs. resulting in an increase of 4 hrs., Sue Palmquist was elected President to replace Deb Ristow, Bev Bierbrauer will be stepping down off the board the end of Sept., meeting date change to the last Tuesday of the month with the next meeting date 9/30/08. Sweig questioned the wireless internet, allowing people to bring their computers to the Library, noting previous issues with computer use and how you govern them on their own computer.  Wandmacher informed the board that they are now looking for another board member to replace Bierbrauer.

Health, License, Welfare:

8/18/08 Trustee Dick Hines      

Denied an Operator License to Amanda Bauer and Brianna Julson due to falsifying, not properly completing application.  MSC Hines/Gulbranson to accept recommendation and deny. Unanimous.  Denied a request from Krista Melstrom, Danny Dunn's Pub, to use part of the street parking area and/or sidewalk for a grand opening to be held Sept. 20th.  Krista, present at the board meeting, addressed the board stating she did not see what the big deal is, she is just asking for a 1 time use, noting that the Fire Dept. blocks off the street and allows beer on the street for their chicken feed along with questioning the use of the street for the East End Street Dance.  She would use the extra area for picnic tables which would allow for people to eat outside, she has insurance, she is open to the board's wishes as to whether to allow beer outside or not, and she would not come back again with this request.  Trustee Rick Sweig stated that this was a pretty heated discussion at the committee level and feels that it opens the village up for a liability issue, feeling it is worse than the street dance where the street is totally blocked off, here part of the street is open and traffic will be going thru where someone could go thru the snow fence into that area, feeling enough is enough.  Trustee Dick Hines stated he feels that we let Danny Dunn do it for his grand opening, it is a different owner, and she is only asking to use the parking space area and he does not see a problem with it.  Trustee Kenny Manfred stated he feels that if we deny her we need to remember next year when the street dance license application comes in that we limit others for future applications.   Trustee Neil Gulbranson agreed, he is following the committee recommendation to deny, stating that the street dance license application was not an agenda item so he did not feel comfortable discussing it.  After much discussion, MS Sweig/Wandmacher that we follow the committee's recommendation and deny the application.  Motion carried with Hines opposed. 

Board members agreed that a "Class C" Wine License and a Class "B" License granted to Old Town Carbones, LLC is void due to not being picked up and paid for, per a letter sent out giving 5 days to do so, owner will need to submit a new application.

MSC Hines/Wandmacher to grant a Temporary Class "B"/"Class B" Retailers License to the Ellsworth Funsters for Sept. 27-28, 2008 for a benefit at the Pierce County Fairgrounds.  Unanimous.


Chief of Police:

-MSC Gulbranson/Hines to accept a letter of resignation from part-time police officer Jessica Zupfer.  Unanimous.

-National Night Out; thanked everyone for helping, event went well, good attendance, public enjoyed.

-Police Dept. has had a busy month

-Rec'd a $10,000 grant for computer upgrades from the Dept. of Justice, noting budgeted money will not be needed which will help the Police Budget.

PWD Engeset:

Absent, submitted a written report

-Disc at Treatment Plant up and running on August 21st, total cost without village labor was less than $9000.

-Kinne street blacktopped on 8/28, over $5000 -$6000 budget estimate due to the 2" rainfall the night before which created many problems.

-Sealcoating completed the week of 9/2.

Trustee Rick Sweig questioned a letter recd from a resident regarding parking issues on S. Piety St. during summer school programs with parking on both sides of the street.  Police Chief Greg Place informed the board that this will be looked at, possibly posting one side during the summer months pushing the parking into the school parking lots; issue will be addressed when they do the Safe Routes to School sidewalk work in 2009.



New Business:


MSC Wandmacher/Hines to adjourn the meeting at 7:56 p.m.  Unanimous.