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State election officials underestimate number of early voters

State election officials say they underestimated the number of Wisconsinites voting early.

The Government Accountability Board thought it would be 15 percent of all votes cast. But spokesman Kyle Richmond now says it will be more.

More than 10,000 Milwaukeeans have already voted absentee, up from 8,000 in the last presidential contest

In Madison, folks have waited for 45 minutes or longer to cast ballots at the city clerk's office.

Green Bay, Kenosha and Janesville have also exceeded their 2004 absentee voters.

Republicans sent out mailings a couple months ago with absentee ballot applications.

Democrat Barack Obama has heavily advertised early voting on the Internet.

Senate Democrat Russ Feingold has been on college campuses the past couple days, urging students to vote absentee.