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Plum City's Tyler Clare improved home for ducks, has eye on Eagle Scout

PLUM CITY -- Drive along Plum City's newly upgraded main street and it's hard to miss Tyler Clare's handiwork.

The 17-year-old Clare, who's now submitted his paperwork to become an Eagle Scout, spent non-school time off-and-on for a couple of years upgrading the flower beds in Duck Pond Park. His effort for the attraction in the heart of the village was part of his quest to be an Eagle.

"I've always wanted to go for Eagle," he said Friday, "ever since I was first in Scouting."

Clare said he learned about the need for the flower bed makeover from the Scoutmaster of his troop. He began working with the Plum City Garden Club in June of 2006, tearing out the various beds. He started with the Veterans Memorial bed, which had to be completed by the following Memorial Day.

"We tore them out, replaced the brick, put the dirt back in and fertilized it before replanting all the plants," he said.

The beds were mostly in flowers, though there were also a couple of bushes, he said. The job was somewhat delayed by major renovations to the street and dependent on good weather.

"It was difficult to plan and difficult to arrange for others to help," he said of Mother Nature's effects, admitting he usually ended up getting some help nonetheless. He credited Sherry Gilles of the club for her input.

The end of May this year, the improvements concluded with a plant sale to cover some of the expense, Clare said. His participation in the bed replacement was approved beforehand by not only the Scoutmaster, but an Eagle board. With related paperwork finished, he was awaiting follow-up approval last week, then expected to be given a date to attend a personal conference with Scout officials.

"I'll have to answer some questions and, if I pass, I could hear about getting to be an Eagle anytime (afterward)," he said.

Read more in the print version of the Herald Nov. 12.