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Ellsworth Board, Nov. 3, 2008




Pres. DeWolfe called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room located in Village Hall.

Members Present: Trustees Dick Hines; Neil Gulbranson; Rick Sweig; Curt Wandmacher Absent: David Deiss and Kenny Manfred

Staff Present: Clerk; Peggy Nelson, PWD; Greg Engeset

Others Present: P.C. Herald; Sean Scallon, Village Attorney; Bob Loberg, Cedar Corp.; Wendy Sander and Heather Zinda


MSC Sweig/Wandmacher to accept minutes of 10/6/08 as submitted. Unanimous. 


MSC Hines/Gulbranson to approve payment of vouchers submitted for audit to date.  Unanimous. 

#16473-16476, 116501-16587     

General fund-    $558,448.08                                

Water fund  -     49,913.17                               

Sewer fund  -      15,171.10 

Public comment on non-agenda items: None

JMW Development, LLC Crossing Meadows Amended and Restated Easement Agreement:

MSC Wandmacher/Gulbranson to approve with the correction on page 2, paragraph 6, the last sentence to be amended to insert the work future before the word maintenance. Unanimous.


Plan Commission - recommendation:10/27/08 Trustee Sweig. MSC Sweig/Wandmacher to adopt Resolution #2008-4 Project Plan Amendment Tax Incremental District Number Two, making TID 2 a donor district to TID 5. Unanimous

Salary & Labor - 2009 non-union employee wage recommendations: 10/9/08 Trustee Gulbranson - reported that evaluations were done with department heads and discussed performance of other non-union employees, committee felt that all employees were doing an excellent job and use taxpayer's resources efficiently, cooperation is excellent between departments and employees work well together. MSC Gulbranson/Sweig to approve the following Police Dept. wages:Police Administrative Support from $15.69 per hr to $16.69 per hr., Part-time Police Officer start from $11.93 per hr. to $12.29 per hr., 1 yr. $13.13 per hr. (No change), 3 year $13.71 per hr. (No change), Police Chief annual salary from $56,514.34 to $58,209.77 (3%).  Unanimous. MSC Gulbranson/Wandmacher to approve the following Public Works Dept. wages: Demo site Attendant from $10.50 per hr. to $11.00 per hr., snow hauling from $12.50 per hr. to $13.00 per hr., mowing parks, skating rink, shoveling $9.00 per hr. with a .50 per hr. increase each year returning (No change), PWD/Zoning Administrator annual salary of $60,513.27 to $62,328.67 (3%).  Unanimous. MSC Gulbranson/Hines to approve the following Village Clerk-Treas. Office wages: Office Assistant from $15.78 per hr. to $16.78 per hr., Clerk-Treas. annual salary from $52,450.90 to $54,024.43 (3%).  Unanimous.

Non-union full-time Health Savings Accounts village funded for 2009 at $3300 family and $1500 single.

Library Board: 10/14/08 Board Rep. Curt Wandmacher - Oct. monthly meeting.  Circulation as of 10/14 4488 items, 6 new cards issued, wireless will be installed on 10/15 -10/16, Shelly Anderson asked to be released from Library Board, Roxanne Pechacek has resigned leaving an opening for an Asst. Librarian, Andy's Flooring to finish work on 10/16, recd a letter of resignation from Mark Blando, Librarian, last day of employment 11/6/08 and reviewed the 2009 Library Budget. MSC Wandmacher/Sweig to approve the appointment of Maggie Jungmann, School Rep., to the Library Board.  Unanimous. MSC Wandmacher/Hines to accept the letter of resignation from Mark Blando, Librarian, effective 11/6/08.  Unanimous.

Finance, Purchasing, Buildings recommendations:10/29/08 Trustee Curt Wandmacher MSC Wandmacher/Gulbranson to accept the proposal for 2009 - 2010 janitorial services for the Village Hall/Police Dept. - $529 per month and Library - $249 per month from Todd & Anita Straub.  Unanimous. MSC Wandmacher/Sweig to accept the proposal from Cedar Corporation, not to exceed $16,500, for preparing a Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Ellsworth with plan to be completed by 12/1/09.  Unanimous

MSC Wandmacher/Gulbranson to sell excess touch screen voting machines from VTI.  Unanimous.

Public Safety - Ellsworth Area Ambulance: 10/21/08 Village Board Rep. Rick Sweig - was not able to attend meeting, reported on information obtained: 2009 per capita assessment amount will remain the same as 2008 at $10.50 per capita. Looking for help from the Ellsworth Area Ambulance personnel to man an ambulance for Farm Progress Days. River Falls transfers are not going well. No response on application for a Home Land Security Grant.


Chief of Police:

Absent - submitted a written report. Pres. DeWolfe recognized the following officers: Officer Darrin Foss for the work and success he put into writing of an OJA Grant which resulted in the Police Dept. being awarded a grant for $10,000 for squad car computers. Officer Adam Olson who assisted a young girl on a bicycle, note sent thanking him for the impression he made on the girl educating her on bicycle safety. Ellsworth Police Department rec'd two plaques from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation: Participation in the 2008 Click It or Ticket Mobilization Participation in the State of Wisconsin's Over the Limit, Under Arrest            Mobilization September 2008. Ellsworth High School was the site selected for a mass clinic should one be       needed, working with Public Health regarding the security plan. Department visited the elementary schools, sharing Halloween safety tips and did finger-painting. Pres. DeWolfe praised the department for the good job done in the past two months.

Public Works Director: Crosstown Rd/Hwy 65 intersection completed and blacktopped.  DOT has some         concerns with turning lanes. N. Grant St. sidewalk construction completed.


NEW BUSINESS: Trustee Curt Wandmacher questioned if our local cable company is informing the public of the switch to digital TV in February, he was advised that they have been sending inserts with their monthly statements.

Adjournment: MSC Sweig/Hines, 7:35 p.m.  Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy A. Nelson-Clerk                                                                                                                            

Published December 10, 2008 50 1C