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GAB finds 11 percent of voters did not match state lists

About 11 percent of Wisconsin's voters last month had names or ID numbers that did not match the state's computerized voter list.

The Government Accountability Board says that's about half the mismatches found in August, when 22 percent of voters had discrepancies.

Board director Kevin Kennedy said 275,000 new voters, and those who re-registered, had their records checked against the state list.

About 31,000 people did not pass those checks.

Board officials say most discrepancies are minor.

They'll have typing mistakes or name variations in which a Rebecca on one form is Becky on another.

But Republicans insist that voter fraud is also a possibility.

Before the election, state Attorney General A.G. Van Hollen tried but failed to make local election clerks double-check all new registrations dating back to 2006, when the federal Help America Vote Act took effect.

Last fall, the board said those checks were only required for those signing up since last August when the computerized voter list went fully online.

Now, though, the accountability board says clerks will have to check all new sign-ups dating back to 2006.

The panel is expected to adopt guidelines when it meets on Wednesday.