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What was memorable in 2008?

According to Webster's Dictionary, one of the definitions for memorable is worth remembering.

And in 2008, many memorable events occurred in Pierce County that was definitely worth remembering.

Whether it was new businesses opening, heinous crimes, a birthday celebration, or a famous musician making an appearance, the year certainly had its highlights.

And that's why we at the Pierce County Herald want to know what local story was memorable for you. The staff has compiled a list of 16 news stories that we're asking our readers to rank 1-10 in order of memorable. One can leave their results in an article comment below or e-mail them to

And if there's a story out there that's not on the list, you felt was memorable, please let us know. We always appreciate the feedback.

• Miss Ellsworth stripped of her crown

Cassandra Kreig, the 2007 Miss Ellsworth, was stripped of her crown two weeks before the 2008 Cheese Curd Festival was set to begin.

• Jo Dee Messina comes to Ellsworth

Country music star Jo Dee Messina headlined the Cheese Curd Festival with a performance at the Pierce County Fairgrounds.

• Anne Knopf sentenced to jail

Former Prescott substitute teacher Anne Knopf was sentenced to jail in July for sexual assault of child.

• School referendums fail in Plum City and Ellsworth

School referendums failed in both Plum City and Ellsworth in April, while Ellsworth saw another referendum fail in November.

• Ross Christopherson retires

After 15 years, Ross Christopherson retired as the Pierce County Highway Commissioner in November.

• New Superintendents in Ellsworth and Elmwood

Ellsworth and Elmwood started the 2008-09 school year with new superintendents. Barry Cain replaced the retiring Dan Kaler in Ellsworth while Adam Zenner took over for Barry Rose in Elmwood, who left to become Cumberland's Superintendent.

• Pamida, Freedom and Tractor Supply

Ellsworth and Prescott each saw new businesses come to their city as Pamida (April) and Freedom (August) opened up in Ellsworth, while Tractor Supply (February) started up in Prescott.

• New Creamery CEO

Paul Bauer was hired as the newest Ellsworth Creamery CEO in September. He replaces Ken McMahon, who retired after 13 years.

• RF man sentenced to 30 years jail

Mark Campbell was sentenced to 30 years jail for sexual assault of a child in February.

• Pierce County Fair celebrates a birthday

The 2008 Pierce County Fair, which was held in August, was its 125th annual.

• Four new members elected to the County Board

The April elections saw four new members elected to the Pierce County Board of Supervisors. Nikki Shonoiki, Ken Snow, Jim Ross, and Greg Place are the new members that completed the 17-member Board.

• Incumbents rule in local Pierce County elections

As change was a theme that carried Barack Obama to the Presidency, change wasn't seen locally in the November elections as all representatives on the county, state or national level all won.

• Curt Kephart resigns

After less than three years, Curt Kephart resigned as Pierce County's Administrative Coordinator in May.

• Two arrested and sentenced in burglarizing HNB

Two Minnesota men, Roger Bugh and Michael Schumann, were arrested in May on charges on burglarizing Hiawatha National Bank in Hager City. Bugh was sentenced in September, while Schumann was sentenced in December.

• Two marijuana operations seized

Pierce County authorities bust two large marijuana operations - one in September and the other in November. Charges have been filed against one from the second one.

• Pierce County pays $1.4 million to settle Trumpeter

The Pierce County Board of Supervisors announced in August that rather taking their chances with a jury trial, they've reached a settlement on a 10-year-old land development dispute with Trumpeter Development of Hudson. The Board announced they would pay Trumpeter $1.4 million.