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Database purge ready to de-list inactive voters

People who've not voted in the past four years could start to see their registrations suspended if they don't get in touch with Wisconsin's elections agency.

The Government Accountability Board (GAB) will begin sending letters out early next year warning thousands of inactive voters that they should contact the state if they want to remain registered.

The four-year purge is required under state law, but a recent audit found that not all municipal clerks were complying. Elections Administrator Nat Robinson says it makes sense for the state to do the job now that it has the ability with new computer software.

"Either we shoot it to them and say handle it however you can," says Robinson, "Or we handle it and we get this done. And we think this is good public policy to get it done."

Voters who don't contact the state and get removed from the list will have to re-register if they want to vote again.