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Pierce County Dog Owners




Pursuant to Section 95.21 and 174.052, Wisconsin Statutes, notice is hereby given to all owners of dogs in Pierce County that rabies vaccination and dog licenses are required under the statutes.

The owner of a dog shall have the dog vaccinated against rabies by a veterinarian at no later than 5 months of age and revaccinated within one year after the initial vaccination. If the owner obtains the dog or brings the dog into this state after the dog has reached 5 months of age, the owner shall have the dog vaccinated against rabies within 30 days unless the dog has been vaccinated as evidenced by a current certificate of rabies vaccination from this state or another state. The owner of the dog shall have the dog revaccinated against rabies by a veterinarian before the date that the immunization expires as stated on the certificate of vaccination, if no date is specified, within 3 years after the previous vaccination. The rabies vaccination tag shall be attached to a collar and a collar with the tag attached shall be kept on the dog at all times. This requirement does not apply to a dog during competition or training, to a dog while hunting, to a dog securely confined indoors, to a dog securely confined in a fenced area or to a dog while actively involved in herding or controlling livestock if the dog is under the control of its owner.

The owner of a dog more than 5 months of age on January 1 of any year, or 5months of age within the license year, shall annually, or on or before the date the dog becomes 5 months of age, pay the dog license tax and obtain a license from their town, village, or city collecting official. The minimum license fee for neutered males or spayed females is $3, upon presentation of evidence attesting to the same, and $8 for unneutered male or unspayed female dogs, or one-half of these amounts if the dog became 5 months of age after July 1 of the license year. The owner of 12 or fewer dogs may be issued a multiple dog license for a license tax of $35, and $3 for each dog in excess of 12. These minimum fees may be raised by county or local municipal action. Certification of current vaccination must be presented as proof of vaccination in municipalities where no legal ordinance demands such proof.

Pierce County Board of Supervisors

By Jamie Feuerhelm

County Clerk

Published January 14, 2009 2 1C