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Ellsworth Board Proceedings, Dec. 1, 2008




Pres. DeWolfe called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room located in Village Hall.

Members Present:  Trustees Dick Hines; Curt Wandmacher; David Deiss; Neil Gulbranson; Kenny Manfred, Rick Sweig. 

Staff Present: Clerk; Peggy Nelson and PWD; Greg Engeset

Others Present:  Village Attorney; Robert Loberg, P.C. Herald; Sean Scallon, White Pine Inc.; Hank Fogelberg, ATV Association; Darren Place and Larry Johnson.

2009 Budget Public Hearing:

Finance, Purchasing, Buildings 10/29/08 - Trustee Curt Wandmacher Reported that the committee recommendation is to raise the 2009 levy by 2%

($19,327), increase allowed by the state.  No concerned citizens present.  No board discussion.

Adopt 2009 Budget:

MS Wandmacher/Gulbranson to adopt the 2009 Budget as presented with a levy of $985,699.00. Motion carried with Deiss opposed.


MSC Sweig/Deiss to accept minutes of 11/3/08 as submitted. Unanimous. 


MSC Gulbranson/Manfred to approve payment of vouchers submitted for audit to date.  Unanimous. 

#16612-16617, 16643-16728

General fund- $122,299.08                           

Water fund  -   20,147.78                          

Sewer fund  -    9,734.72

CDBG fund   -    178.75

Public comment on non-agenda items: None.

Ellsworth Fire Services Association Temporary Class "B"/"Class B" Retailer's License: Health, License, Welfare Committee meeting date set for 12/10/08, 5:00 p.m. to act on and make recommendation to the board on Jan. 5, 2009.

Cudd's Evergreen Estates 2009 Mobile Home License: MSC Hines/Gulbranson to approve.  Unanimous.

ATV Association - discuss/review Ordinance #588, All-Terrain Vehicles and All-Terrain Vehicle Routes, request to include Ridgeroad:

Pres. DeWolfe stated his opinion is to extend the ordinance until 12/31/09, feeling that the ordinance has not been in place long enough to see how it will work, noting he has not heard any complaints.  Trustee Curt Wandmacher agreed.  Darren Place addressed the board requesting that Ridgeroad be included from S. Maple St. to the Johnson property on the corner where the village limits end.  Discussion held on ATV travel during possible 2009 Ridgeroad construction with Place agreeing to sign prohibiting travel during that time.  MSC Hines/Gulbranson to extend Ordinance #588 until 12/31/09 and add Ridgeroad from S. Maple St. to the Johnson property.  Unanimous.

Amendment to ordinance #588 (Ordinance #590) will be drafted by Village Attorney Loberg to be adopted by the Village Board on Jan. 5, 2009.

White Pine Inc., 526 N. Railroad Ave. mini storage units - Conditional Use Permit transfer request from owner to property:

Hank Fogelberg - owner, addressed the board requesting that the Conditional Use Permit issued to him for his mini storage facility, Lot 4 with buildings, be transferred to go with the property as he has a buyer for the property and this is one of the conditions of the sale, informing the board that the buyer plans to keep property as is.  MSC Wandmacher/Manfred to transfer to the property.  Unanimous.

Wipfli LLP 2008 Audit Engagement letter: MSC Gulbranson/Sweig that we sign the 2008 engagement letter.  Unanimous.

Adopt Ordinance #589 amending Section 1.10 of the Municipal Code addressing Public Record retention, custody, access and destruction:

MSC Sweig/Manfred that we adopt Ordinance #589, cleaning up the current ordinance and include electronic communications.  Unanimous.


Library Board:

11/27/08 Trustee Curt Wandmacher - circulation through 11/24 was 9602 with 17 new cards issued.  New Assistant Librarian is Molly Joyce.  Board went into closed session to discuss interviews of applicants for Library Director Position.

Finance, Purchasing, Buildings:

11/12/08 Trustee Curt Wandmacher - MSC Gulbranson/Manfred to accept recommendation and purchase a 140 M Motor Grader at $70,276 with trade-in from 2009 Budget from Fabco Equipment.  Unanimous.

Joint Review Board: 11/17/08 Trustee Dave Deiss - final meeting for purpose of adopting Joint Review Board Resolution Adopting Project Plan Amendment Tax Incremental District Number Two, making TID #2 a donor district to TID #5.


Chief of Police:

Absent.  Submitted a written report along with bids recd for the Ford Escort and 2003 Chevrolet Impala vehicles.  MSC Manfred/Deiss to accept bid from Dorance Halverson in the amount of $225.00 for the Ford Escort and bid from Brian Bryse in the amount of $1550.00 for the Chevrolet Impala.  Unanimous.

Pres. DeWolfe informed the board of the following:

Clerk and Police Dept. purchased used office furniture from Scott Gulbranson for both departments which are an excellent deal for the village. NIMS Regulation training will be held at the Fire Dept. in January for expanded Incident ICS 300 training which village officials and officers will need to attend.  More information will be obtained on who is required to attend.

Public Works Director:

East End Industrial Park; questioned usable and non-usable land along County Rd C questioning if the Village should be looking to hire someone to tell us what is sellable with the flood plain, noting that he has been approached by an interested buyer.  Discussion held with the board in agreement that Greg contact Cedar Corp. who did the original engineering for the park and give an update at the Jan. 5, 2009 board meeting.

-Well #4; 90% complete with telemetry work next and test pump in the near future.

-West Central Wisconsin Biosolids; new process installed and up and running since middle of October, seems to be working good.

-Blinking pedestrian lights on Hwy 65; D.O.T. will not permit this type of sign, only permit flashing lights on stop signs.

OLD BUSINESS: Trustee Neil Gulbranson, Salary and Labor Committee Chairperson, reported that we will be switching the Police Dept. employees over to the Health Savings Plan 1/1/09, which will save the village money.


Adjournment: MSC Sweig/Hines. 7:45 p.m.  Unanimous.

                                                     Published January 14, 2009 2 1C