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Village of Ellsworth, Wis., Board Proceedings, Jan. 5, 2009




Pres. DeWolfe called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. in the Board Room located in Village Hall.

Members Present:  Trustees Dick Hines; Curt Wandmacher; Rick Sweig; Neil Gulbranson; Kenny Manfred and David Deiss. 

Staff Present: Clerk; Peggy Nelson, Police Chief; Greg Place and PWD; Greg Engeset

Others Present:  P.C. Herald; Sean Scallon, Village Attorney; Bob Loberg, Brad Marx, and Lars Loberg

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: MSC Manfred/Hines to accept minutes of 12/1/08 as submitted. Unanimous. 


MSC Sweig/Gulbranson to approve payment of vouchers submitted for audit to date.  Unanimous. 

#16753-16759, 16790-16904, 16929-16975

General fund- $301,921.17                           

Water fund - 12,590.45                          

Sewer fund - 33,776.89

CDBG fund - 192.50

Public Comment on non-agenda items:

Brad Marx addressed the board with a request that the board consider an actual effort to get new industry into Ellsworth which he feels is vital to business growth and existing business.  This would provide jobs for people to work locally and shop locally giving people a reason to spend their money in town versus traveling out of town and shopping out of town.  In speaking with a vendor this summer the vendor commented on the fact that he has never seen a community with this high of a population and not much industry.  He feels now is a good time with low interest rates and there are some companies out there looking to expand despite the economy. Pres. DeWolfe said that the biggest problem is that we lack access to the interstate for truck traffic, with Trustee David Deiss in agreement, commenting that the village has worked with the PCEDC to attract new business, with the economy the way it is, now is not a good time, making any type of industry expansion difficult.  The other item as he was going thru his license stuff earlier this year, he feels that the community is over saturated with gasoline and alcohol sales, he does not mind competition, however the board needs to look at this when a new business wants to come in if we have several of this type of business, lure other business we could use that we don't have, noting we currently have 5 gas stations, with Trustee Kenny Manfred commenting that at one time Ellsworth had 8 gas stations in operation.

Ellsworth Fire Services Association Temporary Class "B"/"Class B" Retailer's License for Chicken Feed March 28 - 29, 2009:

12/10/08 Health, License, Welfare Committee report - Trustee Dick Hines

MSC Hines/Manfred to accept committee recommendation and grant license to allow 20 years and younger on premise.  Unanimous.

Adopt Ordinance #590 - Amend Ordinance #588 ATV all-terrain vehicle route in the Village:

MSC Gulbranson/Wandmacher to adopt ordinance #590 designating an all-terrain vehicle route in the Village of Ellsworth, adding Ridge Road from South Maple Street to the Village limits with a sunset provision of 11:50 p.m. on 12/31/09. All-terrain vehicles may not be operated on roads closed to vehicular traffic for maintenance, repair, construction or other purpose.  Unanimous.


Library Board:

12/30/08 Trustee Curt Wandmacher - December circulation 10,154, 17 new cards issued, 20 attended the American Girl Party on Dec. 20th, wireless installation timeline to be gotten from IFLS and Shelley Anderson has been hired as the Library Director starting the last week of January.


Chief of Police: -Back to work

Public Works Director:   

Submitted a written report:

-East End Industrial Park land; Cedar Corp. will have a report on usable land by the Feb. 2nd board meeting. Interested party has been contacted.

-New grader and truck plow working out fine, rec'd 1 official complaint on plowing.

-Well #4; should be operating by the end of January, telemetry will not be installed for 2-3 months.  No complaints rec'd on the water pressure.

-Completed paperwork with assistance from SEH that has been filed for possible stimulus package money for upgrades to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.


New Business:

Trustee Neil Gulbranson brought up discussion on Channel 13 being taken off cable TV as of 1/1/09 due to US Cable and Channel 13 not reaching a contract agreement due to Channel 13 increased costs.  He has made contact with Channel 13 who has told him it is in US Cable's lap.  He suggested that subscribers contact both US Cable and Channel 13 as Channel 13 is an important channel for providing Wisconsin news and sports to this area.  Board agreed to wait a month to see what happens and to obtain more information with the issue being monitored by the Cable TV Committee. 

Village Attorney Bob Loberg introduced his son Lars Loberg who has joined his law firm.

Discussion was held on a potential citizen's petition that may be brought before the February 2, 2009 board meeting concerning the regulation of smoke emitted from outdoor wood burning stoves.

Other Business:

Set a Health, License, Welfare Committee meeting date for 1/20/09, 5:00 p.m. to act on an application for the East End Street Dance July 11-12, 2009, submitted by Broz Bar, Jason Marks.


MSC Sweig/Hines. 8:08 p.m.  Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted:

Peggy A. Nelson-Clerk

Published February 11, 2009 6 1C