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Ellsworth's Huppert shares expertise so others get published

Huppert shares expertise so others get published

By Bill Kirk

"Say it with flowers" has been a famous slogan promoting a floral delivery service.

It also reflects elements of Susan Huppert's two favorite pastimes: writing and gardening. The Town of El Paso resident said Friday she enjoys growing plants--vegetables and flowers--as much as she likes recording her thoughts.

Huppert manages to get her writing into the hands of others, too. Her work has appeared in area magazines, newspapers and books. Two of the books are her own, not only written but arranged by her to be published.

That experience has led Huppert to establish Homegrown Publications LLC, providing a writing platform for clients. In fact, her business' slogan is "For those who have something to say."

""The Perfect Gift' gave birth to it," she said of her first book's influence on her present venture.

The process includes organizing the text, determining the page layout, contracting with an illustrator, marketing and more, she said. She intends to help people who have writing so meaningful and important to them they want to share it, such as the woman she recalled as investing her entire life savings to be published.

"There are voices out there that don't make it to the large publishing houses," she said, believing having their words printed and distributed validates people.

Since her publications enterprise has been operating, her goal has begun to be achieved. She said she guided a Red Wing client in creating a book of letters from his daughter when she was stationed overseas, which he wanted to pass on to his grandchildren. She's also advised a cancer survivor who wishes to produce a book.

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