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Two races for Village of Bay City Board

BAY CITY -- Village of Bay City President Jim Turvaville will be facing a challenge for his seat in the upcoming Spring Election Tuesday.

The challenger is Jack Celt, who is presently a trustee seat 1 on the Board. Celt's trustee seat is the second race, as Jon Ebensperger and Jim Hince were nominated as candidates at a caucus earlier this year. Incumbent Jesse Hohmann was the only candidate nominated for trustee seat 3.

In an effort for the public to get to know the candidates, the Herald sent a questionnaire to all candidates who filed. This is their responses. (Note: Hohmann chose not to respond.)

Please give a brief description of yourself. Include information such as age, family, where you live and for how long, and list any educational, life or public service experiences which you believe will assist you in the position you're seeking.

TURVAVILLE - I have lived in Bay City my whole life and have been married to Nancy for 38 years. We have two children, Jeff and Gena, and two granddaughters, Hope and Joy. I went to Ellsworth High School and college at UW-River Falls. I served in the Army Reserves and I'm a member of the American Legion. I have worked at 3M for 42 years. I have served as a board member for 14 years. I was a member of the Bay City baseball team for 24 years and have coached youth baseball and basketball.

CELT - I'm retired from the Ellsworth School District, where I served in the capacity of teacher and principal. My education includes Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master of Science in Educational School Administration. I have lived in Bay City for 10 years. Prior to that, I lived in El-dor-wood Heights in the Town of Trenton. I am married to Nina and have four adult children who graduated from Ellsworth Schools.

HINCE - Hi, my name is James Hince, husband of Teresa and father of six. I am 42 years old, have lived in Bay City for 40 years. I graduated from Ellsworth High School in 1985. I have worked for Red Wing Shoe Company for 20 years and enjoy hunting and fishing.

EBENSPERGER - I'm 63 year old widower, who has lived in Bay City since 1969. I'm a graduate of Plum City High School, been in the American Legion for 40 years, served in various offices in the Legion, including Post Commander for five consecutive years. I've been a member of the Bay City Fire Department for 25 years, along with being on the Bay City Planning Commission for eight years. I'm currently retired after working 36 years for Red Wing Shoe.

If you are a challenger, explain how and why you chose to seek the position and what areas particularly interest you; if you are an incumbent, discuss the committees on which you have served, review any accomplishments to which you feel you have made a particular contribution and share your intentions for involvement during a new term.

TURVAVILLE - Since I have been on the Board, we have seen the village have a clean-up day in May that has resulted in a cleaner village. We now have a better control of animals running loose. We have two parks - one for camping and boating, and one for daily outings with playground equipment coming soon. Our water system in 1998 had $58,000 in delinquent payments. We now have less than $5,000. What makes this important is when everyone is paying their share, we will pay off this debt sooner and we will have a better chance of keeping the rates lower. We also have a new fire station with updated equipment to service Bay City.

The Ellsworth Fire Association and Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance are two committees I'm on. The fire association oversees the fire protection for the surrounding communities. The Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance is a new group with goals of trying to reduce sediment from upstream and restore and preserve conditions on the upper pool four and the head of the lake.

CELT - I have been a trustee on the Bay City Village Council for two terms. Presently, I am a member of the Ellsworth School District Budget and Finance Committee. I have been affiliated in various capacities with the Bay City baseball team for 35 years. I am a member of the Bay City American Legion Post No. 357 and served in the U.S. Navy.

HINCE - I have an interest in the community in which I live and raise my kids. As a board member, I believe that a small town needs someone who will listen. I would like to serve the people of Bay City to best of their needs.

EBENSPERGER - I'm running because I'm trying to change things for the better in Bay City.

Discuss your approach to representing and being responsive to the residents in your area.

TURVAVILLE - I believe that a board member works for the people of Bay City and the reason to be on the board should be to help make Bay City better. Not for personal agendas. I encourage all people to come to the board meetings and see what your board is doing and voice your opinions. I can always be reached by telephone to discuss a subject outside the board meeting.

CELT - My approach to representing the residents of Bay City is to be accessible. I would do this through listening, trying to help solve problems and answer questions. I believe being available is a big part of having the position of Village Board President. I am doing this in my present position as Village Board Trustee.

HINCE - I feel that I get along good with the people in town, that if they have any concerns that they can talk to me, and I can bring concerns to the village board meetings. I would also encourage people to attend the meetings.

Identify and elaborate on any issues facing the board you're running for which you feel to be important.

TURVAVILLE - The big challenge in coming years will be to cut cost while still keeping services intact. We will do this by organizing our priorities and putting our energy into projects that we can make a difference in. We also focus our energy in seeking out funds that are made available by the State or Federal government. It is these funds we will need to improve the channel from the harbor to Lake Pepin. We will also be looking for funds to help us repair our village hall.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this article and I would appreciate your vote.

HINCE - I would like to make Bay City as safe as possible, by putting in more street lights. Also, I want to help keep the beachfront clean and safe for kids and others. I also would like to work on trying to get the channel of Bay City dredged out, to make it assessable for others.