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Community garden holds initial event Wednesday

Members from the Borner Farm Project do some seed planting earlier this spring. (from left) James Lawton Jr., Jim Lawton, Collette Sakschek, Karl Sakschek, Diane Webster, Donadee Peterson and Mandy Huffman.

PRESCOTT -- The Borner Farm Project, a group devoted to bringing a community garden to Prescott, will have its first kick-off event from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday at United Church of Christ in Prescott.

The event will include four different kinds of soup, fresh bread, organic salads and more.

The Borner Farm Project started last summer when land was found to begin the concept.

Virginia (nee Borner) Klecker lives at 1266 Walnut St., and has agreed to rent her land for $1 per year. Her land sits on the original Borner farmstead and was last farmed in the 1960's.

"We raised small grains, cows, pigs and chickens," she explained. "I'm very excited to see people in town wanting to preserve some of the farming heritage that I grew up with.

"We were more self-sufficient then and a more close-knit community. I hope we can bring some of that back with these gardens."

Community gardening has a long tradition in the United States. Originally started in the major urban areas of Europe to allow people with little land resources an opportunity to raise small fruits and vegetables, it has mushroomed in the last decade throughout the United States.

"More and more people want to know where their food is coming from," said Diane Webster, a founding member of the group. "Community gardening is a natural complement to that idea."

Over 50 people have participated in some way in getting this project off the ground.

"We're very surprised at how excited people have become when we talk about the Borner Farm Project," said Beth Benson, another member. "And we want this to become much more than just a place to garden. We want to provide education to those who need help gardening, or canning and preserving. We want to get kids involved to enjoy the wonders of growing their own food and the older generations to pass on all their knowledge to other generations. We want the Borner Farm to be a place to gather on warm summer nights. There are a million things to do and everyone has a place here. We want to support clean, fresh organic gardening and coming together as a community. What could be better?"

For more information, such as renting a gardening plot and helping out in the large group garden, contact Webster at (715) 262-5593.

Garage sale

Two days later, the Borner Farm Project will have its second fundraiser as it will participate in the second annual Prescott Community Garage Sale from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday-Saturday at The Borner Farm.

Volunteers and donated items are needed. Specific items include furniture and other household pieces, yard and garden items, art work or antiques. Volunteers are needed after 3 p.m. Thursday to accept and tag donated items, pick up donated items from 4-6 p.m. and set up a tent at the farm. During the two-day sale, they are asked to pick up donated items from 7-8 a.m. and then help sell items.

Unsold items will be given to the Prescott Historical Society for their sale the following weekend. Volunteers will also be needed from 5-6 p.m. Saturday to help with this.

For more information on the garage sale, contact Linda Bjorklund at 262-2016.