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Merchandise seller finds new home in Ellsworth

Dealing in large amounts of merchandise requires having access to equally big storage space.

Finding such space that's also affordable brought Mark Reisdorf to Ellsworth earlier this year. Reisdorf has since located his Mid-States Close-Outs in the former Ames Business Center, which once was the local junior high school.

"We buy and sell large quantities of merchandise," he said Friday, noting the items aren't from places which have closed. "It's all first quality, in their original cases," he added.

Plates, dishes and housewares are examples of the types of goods he handles, he said; there's no furniture. He doesn't sell directly to the public, as his customers are in the commercial sector. They include dollar outlets, close-out stores and the like.

"The biggest quantity I've ever bought is a million-and-a-half pieces," he said.

Some of the merchandise is imported from China, though he's shipped more to that country than he's bought from it, Reisdorf said. Since he began moving his inventory here from the Twin Cities in late February, 147 semi loads have arrived.

Read more in the print version of the Herald May 6.