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Poppies to be offered May 21

The American Legion Auxiliary memorial poppy is a blood-red emblem of the battles Americans fought for God and country, miracles purveyed, and lives lost.

This small flower looms large as a reminder of the sacrifices the nation's veterans have made and continue to make for the country.

The poppy has become a symbol of honor and respect for military service -- past and present. Remember, honor and respect those whose lives were lost in service by wearing a poppy.

On Thursday, May 21, Ellsworth American Legion Auxiliary members will offer poppies to the people of the community. They ask the public to pause for a moment, pin on a poppy and wear it with pride.

All funds collected on Poppy Day are used to assist needy veterans and their families. Please show caring, sharing with veterans.

The poppy, do you know?

Do you know? From the battlefields of World War I, weary soldiers brought home the memory of a barren landscape transformed by wild poppies, red as the blood that had soaked the soil.

Do you know? The poppy became a symbol of the sacrifice of lives in war, and represented the hope that none had died in vain.

Do you know? The poppy, as a memorial flower to the war dead, can be traced to a single individual, Miss Moina Micheal.

Do you know? Miss Micheal was so moved by Colonel John McCrae's poem, "In Flanders Field," that she bought a bouquet of poppies and handed them to the businessmen, meeting at the New York City YMCA, and asked them to wear the poppy as a tribute to the fallen soldiers. (November 1918).

Do you know? The poppy was first distributed in Milwaukee, when a refreshment booth decorated with poppies was twice stripped of its flowers, and money contributions were left on the counter in their place.

Do you know? The American Legion adopted the poppy as its memorial flower in 1920.

Do you know? The American Legion Auxiliary adopted the poppy as its memorial flower in 1921.

Do you know? The American Legion, in 1924, gave the full responsibility for the poppy program to the American Legion Auxiliary.

Do you know? Wearing the poppy is a personal statement, which says, "I Remember."

Show caring by becoming involved in the Poppy Program. Buy a poppy and proudly wear it! Help a veteran, and his or her family.

Show America veterans are remembered!