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Critics say Rembert Weakland is still trying to hide priest sex abuse

Former Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland says it's dubious to think his upcoming book will ease the anger that many victims of priest sex abuse still have.

But Weakland tells the Associated Press he hopes they'll see that he grew to understand the problem during his years in the Catholic Church and he was sincere about making efforts to solve it.

But some of those victims say Weakland, 82, is still trying to cover up the worst cases.

Arthur Budzinski, a former student at a Milwaukee Catholic school for the deaf, told reporters Monday it sounds like Weakland is changing his story.

Court documents released in a fraud case Monday showed that Weakland oversaw an evaluation in 1993 of Father Lawrence Murphy.

And it concluded that Murphy molested up to 200 students at Budzinski's school.

Murphy worked there from 1950-1974. He then moved to northern Wisconsin, where he worked for the church until he died in 1998.

Weakland said he tried to have to have the priest defrocked but the Vatican tribunals moved too slowly.

According to the court records, Weakland was asked why a public funeral was never held for Murphy, and the archbishop said the reaction from the media would have been "awful."