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She knew them all

Placing fresh white crosses on the graves of deceased American Legion Auxiliary members is an annual ritual for Marie Demuth, who turns 93 this month. Photo by Judy Wiff

One day this week Marie Demuth will enter St. Francis Cemetery with a stack of white wooden crosses just as she has for the last five decades.

Using her memory and a carefully compiled list, the 93-year-old widow and her friend will gently place a cross trimmed with paper poppies on each of the graves of 22 deceased members of the American Legion Auxiliary.

"Marie's got it all laid out," said Linda Christiansen, who is Demuth's partner in this project. "She knows where to go."

"I knew all of those ladies," said Demuth, who joined the Legion Auxiliary with her mother 63 years ago. The two women were eligible for Auxiliary membership because five of Demuth's six brothers served in the military.

"It's just a way of remembering and paying some honor to (deceased Auxiliary members)," said Christiansen of the crosses.

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