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Window washer falls six stories from a bank building in Eau Claire

A window-washer escaped with a broken foot and a cut leg, after he fell six stories from the U.S. Bank building in downtown Eau Claire Tuesday afternoon.

Alex Clay, 21, is at Luther Hospital. He told the Associated Press he was waiting for his safety rope to catch, but it never did.

He said he hit a small roof over the bank's entry door, and then he hit the pavement.

Police said his equipment helped break Clay's fall, but he said it didn't slow him down very much.

Clay said the problem began when he saw that a clip on his rappelling gear was not fastened, but he didn't panic because his safety line was connected on the back of his harness.

He said a co-worker and a maintenance man tried to pull him up but he got too tired and simply let go.

Clay has worked for about four months with Bob Smith Window Cleaning and he says he won't be working on tall buildings again for a long time.