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Hair in food? Don't call 911, say county dispatchers

If most of us found hair in our food at a restaurant, we'd probably tell the server.

But what do you do if the hair is in take-out food?

A River Falls man thought he had the answer: Call 911.

In a two-minute call to Pierce County's 911 center after 10 p.m. on a Thursday, the man calmly told his story to a male dispatcher, who said a police officer would call.

When he didn't hear from an officer, the man dialed 911 again.

He said his family had just dug into the carry-out meal when he found "a bunch of hair in the food."

The man's wife and daughter took the food back, but didn't get a refund. He said his family was out $47 and still had no supper.

With neither the food nor the hair, he didn't feel he could report the incident to the health department.

"Now we need the food back," complained the man. "Obviously, they've got the food and won't give it back to us."

The second time the man called, a female dispatcher answered.

"I'm going to ask you not to call the 911 for an incident like this," she said. "This is for life and death emergencies."

"I pay the 911 bill. I can call 911 any time I want to. Thank you," retorted the man, and he hung up.

Editor's Note: Due to space, it didn't run in the June 24 print version. It will run in the July 1 version of the Herald.