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County takes property to cover delinquent taxes

ELLSWORTH - Because apparent owners haven't paid property taxes for several years, the Pierce County Board voted to take possession of a home, a buildable lot and several property remnants.

The amounts owed on the eight properties range from $21,743 to $241, said Pierce Treasurer Phyllis Beastrom Thursday.

Although the owners of one property still live there and will have to be legally evicted, in six cases the property is so small, the owners may not have been aware they owned it and probably don't want it, said Beastrom.

The county hasn't taken a tax deed on any property since 2001, said County Clerk Jamie Feuerhelm. He said that he and the treasurer have followed legal requirements to give the owners every opportunity to make payments.

For more, read next week's editions of the River Falls Journal or the Pierce County Herald.