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Prescott police to get new emblem

PRESCOTT--Prescott police officers will soon take on a new patriotic look, Chief of Police Mike R. Bondarenko announced. The department introduced a new uniform shoulder emblem July 1.

The colorful triangular-shaped emblem, which is worn on both sleeves of officers' shirts and jackets to make officers easily recognizable by the public, features a bald eagle and crossed United States and Wisconsin flags as the center design. It has a dark blue background, and gold and black borders.

"Prescott Police" is seen on two lines in large blue letters bordered in gold and black across the top, while "WI" (for Wisconsin) in blue letters bordered in gold and black completes the design at the bottom.

"We chose the bald eagle because eagles are very common in our city, especially along the banks of the Saint Croix and Mississippi rivers, and eagles are often seen from the deck at the Great River Road Learning Center," said Bondarenko. "We also chose the bald eagle because it is the symbol of our freedom and gives our insignia a very patriotic theme."

Bondarenko said the crossed flags were selected because the officers wanted to represent the United States and the State of Wisconsin on their emblem.

"Because we are a border community, we felt it was important to proclaim that we are located in Wisconsin," he explained. "We also wanted to show our pride in our country and in our state."

For more please read the July 8 print version of the Herald.