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Author picks newly settled Maiden Rock as setting for new book

MAIDEN ROCK--Maiden Rock around the time when it got its name from the story of an Indian maiden's adventures is the locale for a new book by author Janet Elaine Smith.

"Maiden Rock Mistress," published by Star Publish and sold by, takes readers back to the lives of early settlers there and in Lake City, Minn. Smith encountered the area during some of her travels and was so intrigued by it, she decided to use it as the setting for her story.

A product description of the fictional 192-page paperback on the author's computer internet web site states: "Popular author Janet Elaine Smith weaves a magical tale in Lake City, Minn., and Maiden Rock, Wis., which Denis McLeod described as 'Paradise' when he enticed Violet Seymour to come as the 'schoolmarm' in the new settlement.

"An unexpected dip in Lake Pepin, an Indian orphan girl and a frustrating man who insists on calling her his 'mistress,' since he brought her there, cause her to question her decision. Soon, however, the land and the people win her heart, and she and Denis will woo you to their growing love as you turn the pages of Maiden Rock Mistress.

"Reader Eva Marie Osier says, 'Janet Elaine Smith once again demonstrates her gift for telling a simple story in such an engaging way that this reader couldn't put the book aside without finishing it. Her characters face real, serious issues despite each tale's simplicity, and there's never a saccharine aftertaste. I especially enjoyed the humor in this one. Uplifting and fun, in equal parts'!"

Read more in the print version of the Herald July 29.