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Sesquicentennial's time to celebrate in El Paso

The El Paso Marching band entertains the crowd at the annual El Paso Days parade.

EL PASO--A century-and-a-half for the community equals a good time at the celebration that's been observed in El Paso for nearly a decade-and-a-half.

This year's special sesquicentennial edition of El Paso Days is scheduled for Friday-Sunday, Aug. 21-23.

The 23rd annual event promises all the fun past attendees have come to expect and more. From a time capsule to a style show, vintage wine to a classic quilt, no attraction has been overlooked in making for a memorable anniversary.

Just follow the signs pointing to the popular gathering spot in the northwest corner of Pierce County's Town of El Paso, including the ones at its entrances specially installed for the occasion. Three days of merriment later this month await.

Read more in the print version of the Herald Aug. 5.