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River Falls quintuplets on their way home soon

River Falls' Angela Tillie and her five children, all at once.

RIVER FALLS - Heath and Angela Tille celebrated the one-month birthday of their four daughters and son July 19. Soon after, the couple got to hold to all five of their babies at once for the first time.

Born tiny but healthy, all the quintuplets get good reports from their doctors and are within sight of homecoming soon, though no one is sure exactly when that will be.

Local mom of quintuplets Brenda Derks, along with the Tille's fellow Ezekiel church member Judy Caflisch, decided to help. The Tilles sought counsel with the Derks after discovering just how expectantly pregnant they were.

"I had a hard time passing this one by," Derks said about her efforts to help them now and adding that she probably had 70 volunteers a week helping her at first.

The Derks quintuplets start kindergarten soon.

She said Ezekiel is planning a month-long baby shower during the month of August. The church will probably set out a baby crib into which people can place needed items.

Derks will work with her church, St. Bridget, to gather donations and volunteers. The Tilles said they welcome volunteer help from the community at large, too.

Derks said anyone interested in volunteering must attend one of two orientation sessions: 10 a.m. Aug. 8 or 7 p.m. Aug. 12 in the board room of the River Falls Public Library, 140 Union St.

Those who come don't have to volunteer, but to be a volunteer, people must attend. Any potential helpers must agree to a background check and provide character references.

The Tilles' website,, lists several items on their needs and "wish" lists and Derks said all donations will be welcome.

"The big thing is diapers," she said, from size 1 newborn up to bigger sizes.

Dad Heath blogs often on the family site, saying the homecoming seems closer to reality now. He said he feels grateful to the family and friends who have helped them so far - relatives sleeping on the floor and caring for their 18-month-old daughter for extended periods.

"...We really want to express our gratitude for everyone's generosity. This has only been the beginning of a very long road, but we're excited (and a little scared) about what the future holds for our family."