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New records don't reveal why U.S. Attorney Biskupic was saved from 2006 firing list

The House Judiciary chairman released thousands of records this week about the Bush administration's decision to fire nine U.S. attorneys in 2006.

But those documents did not explain why former Milwaukee prosecutor Steve Biskupic was added to the list of those to be fired and was then saved before the boom fell.

Journal Sentinel columnist Dan Bice quoted secret testimony from the House hearings into the firings.

And neither GOP White House adviser Karl Rove nor White House counsel Harriet Miers could say why Biskupic was added to the firing list, and was later dropped from it.

The records showed that Biskupic and one other prosecutor were the last to be put on the firing list in 2005, but it was not clear as to why.

At the Judiciary hearing, Rove was asked if Biskupic's prosecution of Doyle aide Georgia Thompson was a factor in sparing the attorney's job.

And Rove said he didn't know. A federal jury convicted Thompson of steering a state contract to a pair of donors to the Democratic governor's re-election campaign - but an appeals court later reversed the conviction.

Biskupic stepped down from his U.S. Attorney's post earlier this year, and joined a Milwaukee law firm.