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El Paso Honorary Citizens followed Kastberg's caring trails

Rose Mary and Javan Kastberg have been named honorary citizens of El Paso for the upcoming El Paso Days celebration.

EL PASO -- Steve Kastberg's family couldn't be much prouder of their husband and father.

His community couldn't be much more grateful.

Organizers of this weekend's El Paso Days Sesquicentennial Celebration are showing their gratitude by naming the late Ellsworth High School agriculture teacher's wife and son Honorary Citizens for the event. Rose Mary and Javan Kastberg, who will be up front in this Sunday's parade as part of their honorary duties, shared memories of the head of their family, who died of a heart attack last September at age 60.

"We met on a blind date," Mrs. Kastberg said Thursday, indicating it was arranged by her oldest brother, Jim Huppert of Ellsworth.

Her then-future husband was a college student in River Falls at the time and working for Jack Hines of Ellsworth, clipping cattle, she said. Hines and her brother initially kidded about introducing her to the former's employee, then did it.

"We went out for 21 nights in a row," she said about the relationship that developed once they began dating.

Their first date was at a movie in Red Wing -- "Love Story."

"After two weeks, he told me he loved me," she said.

Read more in the print version of the Herald Aug. 19.