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It's in his blood, says 'double red' donor

Ellsworth EMT Matt Stress is the sort of person bloodmobile organizers hope for: he gives regularly and his blood type is O positive.

While she knows not all of them have this type blood, Ellsworth bloodmobile Co-Chairwoman Pam Enger encourages other emergency workers to join Stress and make blood donation part of their routine. They, as much as anyone, know the need, she said.

"I've been giving blood since high school off and on," said Stress, 37, who is originally from Antigo.

He said he follows the example set by his father who earned a 20-gallon pin by giving regularly.

"My dad always gave back to the community," said Stress. "We always helped out the neighbors, especially the elderly."

He adds with a grin, "I guess it's just in my blood."

For more please read the Aug. 26 print version of the Herald.