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Trenton residents claim blasting is wrecking houses

Four homeowners have filed claims against Pierce County, alleging that blasting in a county rock quarry has caused over $50,000 in damage for each of them.

The four -- who live on either 180th or 185th avenue in the town of Trenton - claim blasting done by the Highway Department has caused cracks in the walls, cement floors, foundations and driveways of their homes. The quarry is located on County Road VV.

The homeowners' attorney, Warren Brandt, could not be reached for comment Monday.

Earlier this year, these four and three neighbors filed affidavits to support a lawsuit filed by Paul Greenhaw. The suit asked the county court for an order permanently suspending the operation, which is north of the Hiawatha Heights residential development. That lawsuit was dismissed because Greenhaw didn't follow a legal requirement that says persons intending to sue a municipality must first file a notice of claim, itemizing damages.

The four new claims, dated July 13, were denied by the County Board's Finance Committee last week and are expected to be denied by the County Board this week.

For more please read the Aug. 26 print version of the Herald.