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County taps surcharge funds to repair jail air conditioner

Pierce County supervisors voted last week to use $7,700 from a maintenance fund to replace the jail's air conditioner condensing system.

Action was postponed on a proposal to pay a private company $15,000 to refresh a jail needs assessment.

Two air condensing units in the jail have failed and another is failing. According to a proposal from River Falls Heating, by 2010 manufacturers will stop making air conditioning units with the refrigerant now used by the jail units. Also manufacturers no longer make the one-ton condensing units used in the jail.

RF Heating is suggesting a six-ton condensing unit with a horizontal cooling coil installed in the existing air handler that is used for heating.

The Jail Maintenance Fund is money collected by the courts as a surcharge on fines and forfeitures.

For more please read the Sept. 2 print version of the Herald.