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Hamilton shows Ellsworth area events online as public service

BELDENVILLE--Seems like everyone is extremely busy nowadays and Teresa Hamilton of Beldenville wants to help.

For people with so much to do they don't have time to be at community events in person, Hamilton has started from her home. The computer online web site shows edited versions of events in Pierce County, including town and school meetings, sports games and the like.

"It's a free public access web site similar to public access TV," she said Wednesday.

The idea is for citizens to stay involved and stay connected, she said. That's become more difficult to achieve in the modern world, she suggests in literature about her new business, because people may be working odd shifts, caught in traffic, out-of-town on business, snowbirds, away at college, in the hospital or have more than one activity going on at the same time.

"Even if they can be there, they might miss it," she said, referring to a mother who has to watch young children and gets distracted, for example.

Since May, Hamilton has been using a video camera and computer to tape and edit such gatherings as Ellsworth School Board and Ellsworth Village Board meetings, area baseball games, vocal concerts, the local National Night Out and more, she said. She's also conducted "reporter-type" interviews about how to buy jewelry, medical issues and answers to questions of interest.

Read more in the print version of the Herald Sept. 16.