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Accused Milwaukee serial killer faces seven homicide charges

New charges were filed yesterday against accused Milwaukee serial killer Walter Ellis. He's now charged with stabbing or strangling seven female prostitutes to death since 1986.

DNA evidence linked the Ellis, 49, to nine slayings.

But Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm said he doesn't have enough evidence to win convictions for the killings of Carron Kilpatrick in 1994 and teenage runaway Jessica Payne in '95. Both cases remain open.

Another man was charged and later acquitted in Kilpatrick's murder.

Chaunte Ott, 35, spent 13 years in prison for Payne's killing, but was freed after it was learned that the DNA on the victim was Ellis's and not Ott's.

Thursday, Ott filed a federal lawsuit accusing Milwaukee Police of framing him. Meanwhile, state Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said it's not likely that his agency did anything wrong after Ellis's DNA sample from 2001 failed to get into a state data-base used by police investigators.

Had the sample been processed correctly, police could have arrested Ellis before the last of his alleged victims, Ouithreaun Stokes, was murdered in 2007.

The Corrections' Department said it obtained the sample and mailed it to the Justice agency. But the Justice Department and a processing lab in Texas said they never received it.

Ellis was arrested last weekend at a motel in Franklin.

His girlfriend was also picked up for harboring a felon but she was freed on Wednesday.