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Sheriff's Department gets $300,000 grant

A $280,000 Homeland Security grant will allow the Pierce County Sheriff's Department to buy a new mobile command post and an air boat to use for shallow-water and ice rescues.

Actual cost of the equipment is expected to be $375,000. The federal grant is $281,250. A donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, will pick up the 25 percent match of $93,750.

"It's really purposefully and professionally built so it will do exactly what we want it to do in an integrated fashion," said Lt. Mike Knoll, describing the command van his department plans to buy.

Department leaders are still shopping for exactly what they want, said Sheriff Nancy Hove. She expects the vehicle will be a 30 or 40-foot step van with communications equipment, a generator, an outside mounted camera and external lighting.

The vehicle will be used for SWAT call-outs, at investigation sites, during natural disasters and for drills at the Prairie Island Nuclear Power Plant, said the sheriff.

"It'll be sweet. It'll do more than I can explain," she said. Once the van is ordered, it will be about six months before it is delivered.

For more please read the Oct. 14 print version of the Herald.