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Pierce County to offer cards to cut medicine costs

By the end of the year, Pierce County expects to join a growing number of counties that offer their residents discount cards for prescription drugs.

People who use the cards, which will be free to all county residents, can save an average of 22 percent of the retail cost of prescription drugs, claims the National Association of Counties.

Those who can benefit include people in the Medicare Part D coverage gap dubbed "the donut hole," people with no medical insurance and others with high out-of-pocket medicine costs, said Kathy Hass, manager of the county's Aging and Disabilities Resource Center.

"I'm hoping we can get this all going by the first of the year," said Hass Monday. The county's Finance and Personnel Committee approved the proposal earlier this month, and it's on the agenda for county board's Oct. 27 meeting.

For more please read the Oct. 14 print version of the Herald.